stress free camping
the CampEasy way

stress free camping
the CampEasy way

we are CampEasy

CampEasy is a Western Australian owned and operated business by camping enthusiasts, who love everything about the amazing pristine WA outdoor lifestyle. We believe CampEasy opens up camping to everyone by eliminating many of the hassles and stress’s associated with your short break away.

Allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy camping the CampEasy way!!

We offer a stress-free camping package that provides a modern and comfortable experience. Just turn up and we will have our camper on a pitch of the campsite of your choice, waiting for you to just to relax and enjoy. Everything you need set up, no stress, no fuss just easy camping the CampEasy way.

CampEasy, blue sky thinking…

CampEasy is the business idea of a family and camping friends, who love nothing more than spending quality time together outdoors. We remove the stress associated with the setup at the start, not forgetting the planning, preparation, packing, towing, putting up or camper trailers, awnings, pegging out, setting up camp kitchens and the inevitable pack up at the end of each camping trip.

The thought of setting up and packing away, got us thinking… there had to be a better way!

We love living the outdoor camping dream, the freedom and social side of camping with friends. We knew we had to find a smarter way to make it completely hassle free. Welcome to the real-world vision that is CampEasy.

why do people want to CampEasy

CampEasy was formed to find a stress free and relaxed way to go camping and to enjoy the amazing WA coastline and outdoor living.

We value the ability to take long weekends away. Camping is often spoilt by all the hassle of organising, packing, setting up and then packing up to return home.

CampEasy removes the main ingredients of camping divorce out of the equation by addressing the hassle and stressful part of the holiday process, in a creative way.

With CampEasy you will no longer need to tow a camper, sweat and stress over setting it up, nor will you require to fill every conceivable gap of your car and camper with camping equipment and cooking items. Last but not least, the inevitable grumpiness that comes with packing everything away again will all be firmly placed into the wheelie bin of camping history!

Relaxed and happy campers do CampEasy!!

the goal of CampEasy?

To eliminate the need to setup and pack up.

Customers need only to bring their bag of holiday clothes, any food and drink and their bedding.

To provide our customers with a stress free and easy camping experience. By having just about everything you for your next camp holiday, there ready and waiting for you. Customers are able to simply turn up and crack on with enjoying their relaxing stay!

We want our customers to feel that the beginning and the end of your camping trip was as stress free and as enjoyable stay “in the middle”, enjoying every moment of holiday time available is key.

Our near term future goal is to be able to offer a number of tailored “CampEasy road trips” taking the family holiday from one location will become a thing of the past.

Our road trip packages will allow customers to stay in several CampEasy campers in several different locations along your allocated road trip route. And, all you’ll need is your car, bedding and clothes! No setup/pack up, no towing, no bulging SUV boots full of camping and cooking equipment, no excess fuel consumption, no stress, no hassle.

Just stress free happy holiday memories!!

are you CampEasy ?

family time

me time

weekend break

grey haired nomads

parent and child time

existing campers

new campers

girls weekends

road trippers

we believe CampEasy will strongly appeal to the following people:

For people that have not been camping before, or don’t like the idea of the trouble and all the cost of the equipment.

For people that love the outdoors and social side, but don’t want the hassle or lack of comfort of traditional camping.

For people that are looking to move from a tent to camper vans without the need to make that expensive purchase.

For people with campers but want the convenience of just turning up and no hassle of setup/pack up. Just relax and enjoy a camper holiday.

For people that love to be spontaneous, the spur of the moment holiday or long weekend, no planning just go relax and enjoy.

For grey haired nomads that just want to use the camper without their setup and pack up hassle on the way through to their next destination.

enjoy a stress free holiday

Time is on your side, save bags of it with CampEasy’s stress free camping. Let us do the hard work, just turn up and relax. The benefits of staying with CampEasy can be measured in time and hassle that hasn’t been invested by you! No need for extra fuel, towing, no time and hassle spent packing your car and camper, unpacking it all, and then doing it all again in reverse a few days later.

Our service will save you lots of time, fuel and cost from owning a camper. Above all you will have a more relaxed and happier break.

CampEasy service benefits

Although every wonderful campsite where CampEasy is located offer different benefits and local activities and attractions, our customers can relax in the knowing that the cleanliness, comfort and all the high quality features and equipment offered within a CampEasy camper holiday will be excellent and consistent no matter where you choose to stay.

CampEasy campers

CampEasy customers get access to a fully equipped, modern, air-conditioned camper without the cost owning and running a camper

asset deprecation

CampEasy customers do not have expensive camper trailer loan repayments and asset depreciation

camper rego & insurance

CampEasy customers are not paying annual insurance and rego charges for the camper that they are typically only using half a dozen times a year

maintenance & equipment

CampEasy customers do not incur the ongoing maintenance and costs of equipment and repair to campers

campsite pitch

CampEasy customers do not have worry about securing a campsite pitch. CampEasy has the pitch booked, and our charges include all campsite costs

fuel costs

CampEasy customers can turn up in their vehicle knowing they are not incurring large fuel bills from towing heavy campers

We offer a unique holiday package, with fully equipped, modern, air-conditioned campers that keep everyone cool in the heat of the day. Whilst the fridge will keep beers and wine cold.

Bedrooms have all weather coverings and proper bed mattresses to offer all the comfort of home. The outdoor awnings are set up and ready to enjoy, along with outdoor lighting.

Take your pick, cook indoors or out, all CampEasy campers are fully equipped for both. The indoor kitchen only takes second place to the barbeque and outside setup.

CampEasy customer commercial benefits

The NEW normal – asset as a service VS traditional ownership

As is being seen within the motor industry. There’s a shift from traditional and more costly “ownership models” in favour of securing access to the vehicle desired, when required.

Ownership as a service is becoming more commonplace. CampEasy looked at the costs associated with a typical family owned camper.

CampEasy is not only stress free camping, but it also providers our customers with significant savings.

CampEasy savings !!

already thinking of booking your next CampEasy stay?

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enjoy camping holidays the stress free CampEasy MEMBER WAY…

As we evaluate and grow the number of new campsites, the number of destinations we offer will increase, making more of WA accessible to stay stress free the CampEasy way.

To take advantage of WA’s unique and stunning outdoor lifestyle, pristine beaches and campsites, we would like to reward our frequent stay customers.

Whether your exploring the coast with a road trip, or taking long weekend camping breaks, it is more enjoyable to be a CampEasy customer, and also more rewarding financially too.

Customers will have the option of joining our member benefit scheme, where each stay will earn you CampEasy-credits that can be redeemed against a future CampEasy camping holidays.

member benefits include:

member status credits

Discount on future stays, or redeemed against hire of extras and equipment*

book early pay by instalments

Beat the rush, book next years camping early and pay over instalments**

special member deals

Limited deals on specific locations, dates or local trips & activities.

CampEasy notifications

Members keep up to date and get notified of new sites, locations, and camping services

*available at selected sites only **subject to CampEasy terms and conditions